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Explanatory film about the question: What does STERNTAUCHER Filmproduktion actually do?

STERNTAUCHER Filmproduktion is a filmproduction company based in Hamburg, Germany. We compile briefings and storyboards, we write concepts and screenplays. We calculate, organise and shoot films by land, by sea, and in the air. We work with the most current standards of technology and an international network of filmmakers, during the preproduction, the shooting or in the postproduction, in the cutting room or in our motion design department.
This leads to documentaries, commercials and image films, films for Web TV, for events and exhibitions; for internal and external communication; and sometimes it leads to films that do not have a name, yet.
In any case – because that is what is important to us – we produce films that stick in the audience’s mind.

Client:   STERNTAUCHER Filmproduktion GmbH
Length:   01:09 minutes
Director:   Oliver Neis
Illustrator:   Kheira Linder
Animations:   Alex Holthaus
Category:   Animation

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