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Eines der AVID-Systeme in der STERNTAUCHER Filmproduktion
Eines der AVID-Systeme in der STERNTAUCHER Filmproduktion

The technical equipment of STERNTAUCHER

We rely on industry standards and are highly compatible with big, international post production companies. For you as a client this means that we are able to meet all requirements.

For example, if you need a film for Web TV, we can do the editing, audio processing, animation and the entire finalisation to the YouTube-Upload at our premises. If we produce a 4K commercial for cinema or TV, we edit and layout at STERNTAUCHER Filmproduktion, the high-end finalisation of image, sound, and for example 3D animations will be done in cooperation with our trustful partners.

No matter how complex and challenging your project is, with us you will always have a contact person and the maximum quality that is available on the market.

Our systems:
2x AVID Media Composer
2x Adobe Premiere Pro
1x Cinema 4D
2x Adobe After Effects (incl. Creative Cloud)
1x DaVinci Resolve (with colour-calibrated screen)

Our systems are always up to date. Furthermore, we strive to be able to open and edit any known file format. Our work stations are connected by a high-speed network and can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the respective job.

Here you can read how we are dealing with data security.