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You data is safe at Sterntaucher Filmproduktion

The digital revolution opened incredible possibilities for all of us, but also bears significant risks. What to do with all the data?

We take the matter very seriously and want to show you our way of solving the problem:

Every work station (whether used for graphics, animation or editing) has its own high-performance RAID-system (LVL 5) that contains the current project data. All of these RAIDS are connected with our Sterntaucher-file-server (LVL 6) by a high-speed network. During the whole production period the current project data lies on the file-server as a back up.

When a project is finalised it is transferred to duplicate ULTRIUM LTO tapes. These two copies are stored at two different places, where they are heat-protected and safe from storm tides. The manufacturer offers a durability warranty of 30 years and for that time period we will keep your data for you.

Should we need to use the old data again, e.g. for a new, current project, we need 1-2 working days to restore them back into our active production process.

This approach is in accordance with the guidelines of major film insurers and lets us – and you – have a good night’s sleep

… no matter how much the digital revolution may be raging.